Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Direction, Intended Focus

The description of my blog states the following (recently edited):

"Common's lyric "the body of a dancer" made me think about the dual meaning for body-physique/text. As a Black artist/scholar I advocate for the immersion and proper appropriation for the Black dance aesthetic in performance and curricula. Thus, my stream of conscience will reflect the personal accounts of my work in a field where I am underrepresented and my aim to overcome this adversity whilst educating a culturally biased society that presumes arts in education is nonessential."

And since I started this blog 3 years ago I have not focused as much of my posting on the intent for this blog. Today I have decided to rectify this issue. The time is now for me to post about what affects me most in my struggle for success. And what I have worried about most is how others perceive me. In my tireless efforts to be the "right fit" for this extremely competitive field I am in, I finally realized that ideal is relative.

I aim to expose the "right fit" as my own working definition for a set of aesthetic "principles" that are culturally biased, demographically biased and relative to perception, perspective and preference.

How the "right fit" is determined is never met with the same set of standards and so carefully we must negotiate the terms for the deciding factors involved so as not to be accused of any bias. However, bias is simply inevitable.

The "right fit" is simply based on preference and I endeavor to explore how preference effects the population that isn't preferred.

Until next time,

Team Aggie

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